Synergy Charlotte Sports Complex.

Charlotte, NC


The Synergy Sports Center is a planned 75+ acre amateur sports complex intended to serve the community, local youth, and host local, regional, and national level tournaments, meets, and events. Featuring 8 turf multi-purpose fields, 40 tennis courts, 8 basketball courts, aquatic center, an indoor 200m track center, strength and conditioning space, batting cages, a conference center, leasable space, retail, concession, and more, the Synergy Center will be positioned as the premier facility on the East Coast. As a public/ private partnership, the Synergy Center showcases the forward-thinking local government and the ability for private business to work in concert with the City, County, and Parks & Rec to develop a top tier facility.

470,000 sf
$ $85,000,000


The biggest challenge for this project was working through the multiple levels of government and various committees and requirements to move the project along. Each entity has its own structure, regulations, and milestones to meet.

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